Since 1991 the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) has been an international, membership-based organisation exploring the implications of and the possibilities for social, environmental and sustainability accounting and reporting.  CSEAR’s network of members supports students, practitioners, scholars and educationalists in all aspects of this mission.

CSEAR convenes academic conferences in St Andrews as well as supporting conferences that take place around the world (organised by country members). In addition, CSEAR hosts visiting members; publishes a quarterly newsletter which includes updates of policy, practice and research developments, and conference and paper calls; has a dedicated library of resources and publishes the Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. 

CSEAR also aims to enables collaboration amongst its members in a variety of universities and research institutions. In all, it promotes deliberation on the role of accounting in governing and mediating the relationship between organisations, society and the environment.  Its activities are intimately connected to the Ethics, Sustainability and Accountability theme in the School of Management at the University of St Andrews, and there are a number of PhD students associated with its activities.

The Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) is run by the democratically elected CSEAR Council which is chaired by Professor Ian Thomson (Heriot-Watt University), and which in turn is supported by Committee of International Associates. CSEAR's journal, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal is supported by the SEAJ Editorial Board.

CSEAR is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Directors (Professor Jan Bebbington and Ms Lorna Stevenson), and two Research Fellows (Dr Lynn Christie and Rhona McLaren. It is supported by the School of Management at the University of St Andrews, and in particular by the Ethics, Sustainability and Accountability thematic group.