Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Election of CSEAR Executive Council and Directorship of CSEAR

The worldwide CSEAR community has been working to establish a simple and effective governance structure to support it into the future. This comprises: The CSEAR Council, The Committee of International Associates and the Directorship of CSEAR. (In addition there is the SEAJ Editorial Board which is a sub-committee of the Council).

CSEAR Council:

In the recent election we received 15 nominations for the 10 positions on the CSEAR Council. The following members of CSEAR have been elected to the Council.

 Nola Buhr (Canada)  Jesse Dillard (USA)
Charles Cho (France)
John Ferguson (UK)
Massimo Contrafatto (Italy)
Matias Laine (Finland)
Carmen Correa Ruiz (Spain)
Robin Roberts (USA)
Colin Dey (UK)
Ian Thomson (UK):
Convenor of Council

The new Council voted for Ian Thomson as Convenor of the group, and he has accepted the position.

Many thanks to all CSEAR members for taking part in this election, and in particular for those members who put themselves forward for the new Council.

International Associates Committee:

The current members are:

 Australia: Nick Barter and Cornelia Beck New Zealand: Markus Milne
Austria: Christine Jasch
Portugal: Teresa Eugénio
Brazil: Aracéli Cristina de S. Ferreira
Spain: Carlos Larrinaga
Canada: Michelle Rodrigue
UK: Rob Gray
France: Charles Cho: Chair of Committee
USA: Den Patten
Italy: Ericka Costa
Zimbabwe: Rodney Ndamba

Directorship of CSEAR:

The Council has also confirmed that it has appointed Jan Bebbington and Lorna Stevenson from the University of St Andrews to act as co-Directors of CSEAR from now on.

Finally - a huge vote of thanks and appreciation to Rob Gray for his enormous contribution to the development of CSEAR over the last twenty years or so. The 2013 CSEAR UK conference in St Andrews will include a special day of events and activities aimed at recognising and celebrating Rob's remarkable achievements.