Monday, 2 August 2010

Low Carbon Intellectual Renewal

Academic conferences (at least the small friendly ones that CSEAR organise) are essential to what we might call intellectual renewal. But they aren't exactly carbon neutral. That said, I'd have happily blown my carbon footprint to go to the recent Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Conference on Accounting (APIRA) in Sydney. For those of us who didn't make it however, the conference featured an very interesting an innovative experiment in virtual presenting put together by Jan Bebbington, Ian Thomson and Bob Frame.

I was especially interested in Ian and Bob's experimental material which uses imagery in a very engaging and thought provoking way, a little reminiscent of Adam Curtis' films on power and politics.

This kind of imagery also works very well in powerpoint presentations - so I urge everyone to ditch ghastly bullet points and embrace the idea of 'Presentaion Zen'....

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