Monday, 12 September 2011

IIRC discussion draft published

The IIRC's discussion paper "Towards Integrated Reporting – a case for global change" has been published for consultation today. This paper presents the rationale for Integrated Reporting and proposals for the development of an International Integrated Reporting Framework. The deadline for providing feedback is Wednesday 14 December 2011. I think it's important that academic views on the IIRC's activities are represented in the consultation process!

Before getting my teeth into the document I had a go at creating a 'wordle' graphical representation of the text. You can find this here: 
Wordle: Integrated Reporting Discussion Draft September 2011
One other point I'd like to make at this stage. While a feature of the document and the IIRC website is a plea for responses from a wide range of stakeholders, the mechanism for doing so is very 'closed' - i.e. a form/email to fill in. Responses won't be made public until after the process is over. So, if you want to actually discuss the draft in an open forum - you're out of luck. Unless of course you use the comment feature in this blog...

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