Friday, 11 October 2013

CSEAR Blog seeking guest bloggers

Do you write blogs or tweet about your research? Would you like to share short pieces, provocations or updates about your research with others in the CSEAR communities? 

The CSEAR Blog is looking for guest contributors to write up to 500 words on their research. 

There are many resources for those interested in using social media, including 
  • Sociological Imagination has created a number of resources for those interested in digital sociology, including discussion of positive (clarify ideas, practice writing for different audiences) and negatives (ruining your reputation, irrelevant topics, time management) about using this media 
  • Just Publics  including An Illustrated Guide to Academic Blogging…  (for anyone who loves cartoons)
  • Deborah Lupton (sociologist) has written some nice pieces on 'why I blog' and risks of academic blogging  

If you have something to contribute or would like to find out more about the CSEAR blog please contact Colin Dey or Shona Russell. 


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