Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dialogic accounting: how to get involved

Are you interested in learning more about dialogic accounting? Would you like to participate in some of the online participatory learning and action research activities linked to this project? 

Farzana, Sendirella and Nivea will be setting up an online participatory learning and action (PLA) research group later this year. They are seeking participation from a range of individuals – including SEA academics, interpretive and critical theory researchers from other disciplines, and potential beneficiaries of the research such as NGOs, activists, trade unions and other civil society participants. 

If you are interested in participating in this PLA, please contact 
Overall, the project’s goal is to help open accounting to critical scrutiny.  Many academics, lay communities, and policy-makers take accounting for granted.  They treat it as a “black box”, accepting without question the supposedly neutral methods by which it “accounts”.  The group hopes that its research will help to both challenge and redress these mistaken assumptions.


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