Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Elections for CSEAR Council & International Associates

The CSEAR Council met in May to establish a straightforward governance structure for the future that is democratic and simple. It was agreed that all members/non-members of CSEAR would be contacted with information about these elections and memberships.

The major points agreed at the Council meeting were:

1. The current Director organises and oversees two elections (i) for the Council and (ii) for the Committee of International Associates. The results will be announced at the next UK CSEAR conference and communicated through the journal and newsletter.

2. The Council will normally comprise 10 members plus the current Director of CSEAR plus the current Chair of the Committee of International Associates. (Length of tenure and rotation of membership will be established by the Council)

3. The Council will be Executive and the Committee of the International Associates will act as an Upper House.

4. Council members will be elected in a full ballot of all CSEAR members on a one member three vote basis. Individuals who are members of CSEAR only will be eligible to vote. 

5. Members for election to Council may be identified by either self-nomination or by nomination by a third party (with the prior approval of the nominee). 

6. The Committee of International Associates will each be elected by a college of CSEAR members in each country (or territory) where CSEAR has individual members. Normally there will be one International Associate per country but where there are more than 50 members in a country, there will be a member for each 50 members or part thereof.

7. An International Associate for the UK will be identified as part of this process.

The first stage will be the election for CSEAR council membership. If you would like to take part please email us at csear[at] with an initial statement of interest, (which may include a manifesto or details of particular interests or suggestions for the future development of CSEAR by the Council if you are elected) by 31/07/2012.

These details have beeen emailed to all CSEAR members who will be asked to select the three candidates that they wish to support. This election will be undertaken electronically. For you to take part in these elections as either a candidate or as part of the voting community you must be a member of CSEAR for 2012 by 15/07/2012. If you have any membership queries please email Lynn Christie at lc17[at]

This has enormous implications for CSEAR, so please do check your membership and decide now if you want to be part of CSEAR’s future ruling Council.

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