Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Global survey aims to map sustainability and climate change across accounting and finance education

By Dr Shona Russell, CSEAR Co-director

Do you teach about carbon disclosures, or ESG? Does sustainability feature in your teaching? What have you experienced when teaching these topics? What insight and support could you offer to those wishing to teach these subjects? 


Shona Russell, John Ferguson and Ian Thomson have launched an online survey aims understand academics’ experiences of teaching sustainability and climate change in accounting and finance degree programmes around the world. If you have experience of teaching these topics or would like to teach these topics, you can complete this 15-20 minute survey:

English version:

Version in either French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simple or Traditional Chinese:

Complete the survey before 16th September to win one of five copies of Sustainability Accountability and Accounting by Matias Laine, Helen Tregidga and Jeffrey Unerman.
The survey is part of the Building Carbon Literacy project involving colleagues from the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s COP 26 International Climate Network Grant.
Motivated by a concern that public and private accounting and finance have been identified as central to achieving net-zero carbon ambitionsthe project aims to understand the education, knowledge, skills and capabilities of professionals tasked with understanding, evaluating and investing in climate solutions. 

Findings will be publicised in October 2021 before the Conference of the Parties 26 in order to:
  • Enhance understanding of climate change and/or sustainability in accounting and finance education and academics’ experiences of teaching these topics
  • Work with stakeholders to develop transformative curricula to ensure that current and future professionals are equipped to achieve net-zero ambitions. 
Please contact Shona Russell ( to learn more about this project. 

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